We are part of a group of privately owned South Australian companies with a couple of recent overseas additions. By supporting these companies you are helping to build and maintain a successful local story of innovation and manufacturing that is competing on the global market.


Aquatek Products Pty Ltd was established in 1992 with the primary aim to manufacture and supply water bottles to homes and offices throughout Australasia.

Arctic Drinkware

Vector Technologies is located in Thailand and specialises in the manufacture of high end plastic products.

Vector Technologies

arctic DRINKWARE is a new standard in drinkware with its contemporary and distinctive design. Its unique insulating properties means your coffee stays warmer and your cold drinks chilled longer due to the dual wall construction. Ideal for cafes, pool bars, restaurants and outdoor entertaining


The Kinetics Group is fully focused on further developing innovative products which exhibit a high level of quality and function in the commercial and recreational vehicle market. Specialised commercial vehicle products for the telecommunications and service industry.


We are a precision engineering and toolmaking company that produces specialised tooling and componentry for Australia's leading manufacturing, defence, beverage and mining industries.


Bott is a world-leading manufacturer of workshop equipment, in-vehicle equipment and workplace systems.

Van Demon

Van Demon was created to showcase the latest and greatest in van products and to keep van owners informed on the ever changing world of vehicle enhancement.


Metalcraft is a contract manufacturer supplying precision sheet metal components to the Defence, Bio-Medical, Electronics, Telecommunication and general engineering sectors.

Fiordland Expeditions

Explore Fiordland New Zealand - Overnight Cruises and Multi-day charters available.